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Everlast for BBS method in enterprises
Author:hengchang                    Date:2014-11-16

In October 2014, the 15th in the western China international fair - method of small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation and development BBS held in chengdu, sichuan province.

To participate in the BBS in France were thousands of people, more than 800 small and medium-sized enterprises covers manufacturing trade, information technology, biotechnology, environmental protection energy, high-end manufacturing, health care, food safety, sustainable development, tourism, culture and other fields. BBS of small and medium-sized enterprises between the two countries during a total of about 500 in number of one-on-one talks, pomp. Everlast honor to invited to participate in the BBS, and industrial automation, agricultural biotechnology projects and French companies such as there is a positive, enthusiastic, efficient one-on-one exchanges and communication, and reached an agreement on cooperation project.

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