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Our company new product AVG automatic guided vehicle research and development success
Author:hengchang                    Date:2015-01-16
AVG (Automatic Guided Vehicle), namely DaoYinChe automatically, is a kind of material handling equipment, can be in one location, automatically the loading of the goods, Automatic walking to another location, Automatic completion of Automatic unloading of goods transportation device. AGV is a kind of automatic control of power battery industrial vehicles. Handling is one of the major factors of the function of the logistics, the frequency of high in the logistics system, occupy an important part of logistics cost. Transport got great development, therefore, the use of the AGV occasion most widely, the development is very rapid. AGV homing car into automatic guided vehicles into rail and trackless two kinds. Railroad refers to the ground or space mechanical guide rail. The ground rail car firm structure, large bearing capacity, low cost, mature technology, good reliability, high positioning accuracy. The ground rail cars use a straight line or circle more two-way operation, widely used in small and medium-sized box workpiece in FMS. Elevated railroad car rail car guide rail (space) relative to the ground, high utilization rate of workshop, compact structure, high speed, is beneficial to separate activities and conveyer, security is good, but the capacity is small. Elevated railroad car mainly used to transport, rotary workpiece or tool and the workpiece installation that have human intervention and conveying system of product assembly. Railroad car due to mechanical guide rail, the system changes, extensibility and flexibility is not ideal. Trackless trolley is a kind of make use of the microcomputer control, can move according to certain program automatically boot path, and has a parking choice device, safety device and a variety of transfer device of the car. Trackless vehicles according to the guide way and the control methods are divided into with and without diameter size guide way lead independent guide way. Have a size guide way is laying on the ground wire, tape, or reflective tape to develop the path of the car, the car through the electromagnetic signals or optical signal detect their own location, with automatic correction and ensure driving along a specified path. No size guide independent guide way, the map is in the trackless trolley computer preloads distance table (map), the location information is obtained through the and ranging method cart automatically calculated from a reference point to aim point of driving direction. The guide way is very flexible, but low accuracy.
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