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The new AGV& RGV shuttle car to be released
Author:hengchang                    Date:2015-01-16

Shuttle car in warehousing logistics equipment mainly has two forms: loading and unloading system and shuttle car shuttle car type storage system, complex or loopback mode before, in a fixed orbit of the car, to deliver the goods to the designated place or transfer equipment.

Shuttle car is a kind of intelligent robot, can be programmed to take goods, transport, place, such as tasks, and can communicate with PC or WMS system, combination of RFID and bar code identification technology, automatic identification, access, and other functions. Shuttle car type storage system Shuttle car type storage system, the traditional shelves with high precision guide rail, can let the shuttle car running smoothly, guide at the same time to undertake cargo transport and cargo storage capabilities, so as to greatly improve warehouse space utilization.

Shuttle car type storage system developed by Swedish EAB company, because the forklift without entering into the shelves inside access to goods, but by the shuttle car to complete, cancel the forklift channel so can achieve very high space utilization.

Shuttle car type storage system, which can realize advanced first-in, first-out (FIFO), after the (FILO) operating a variety of ways.

Scope of application

Shuttle car type storage system, in principle a roadway can place a goods (SKU), special applications (both ends access, advanced out) after a roadway can be placed two kinds of goods, so, this system is suitable for single varieties of large number of goods.

Extended application

Mother mother car: car on lateral orbit, and automatic identification of roadway, release the child car access operations, to some extent improve the degree of automation.

And stacker cooperates: automated stereoscopic warehouse can also be applied shuttle car to improve storage utilization, automatic identification of stacker shuttle car roadway, and assign homework by shuttle car in roadway access goods, performed by stacking machine directly again, loading and unloading and system to realize automatic management.

Multidirectional shuttle car: multidirectional shuttle car can be in horizontal and vertical orbit, horizontal movement and access to goods only by a shuttle car to complete, greatly improve the automation of the system.

Shuttle car type storage system, also known as a shuttle shelves, has been widely used in China at present. Shuttle car type for the system Shuttle car type for the system is part of the automated multi-layered storehouse system, by rail type loading and unloading shuttle car to finish the goods, and stacker to cooperate to complete warehousing operations.

The shuttle car also became RGV.

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