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2015 worker skills (welding machine) race
Author:hengchang                    Date:2015-09-01

  On September 1, 2015, the county federation of trade unions, henan everlast measuring control equipment co., LTD., held in 2015 the first worker skills (welder) competition for everlast company production began. County federation of trade unions chairman li gl for this contest speeches and hope that through this activity, the highly skilled talents with excellent quality, exquisite technology, for enterprises to enter new energy, inject new vitality; Promote the adviser to head person activity, the old with the new and advanced with backward, raise the overall quality of staff, boosting enterprise construction production; And the company in technology, a new upsurge of study business, form the good habit to advocate technology, wuxi. Conference, everlast company deputy general manager zhi-guo liu read the game discipline, referees gu wei read out the rules of the game and score method, ensure the competition under the principle of fair, open, fair, running. Hit the game process, the contestants, communicate with each other, fully shows the station expert consummate operation skills and good mental outlook, race out of the style also is comparable to competence out. After fierce competition, six contestants everlast company stand out and get recognition, attend the contest of the county federation of trade unions of leadership and everlast chairman of the board of directors of the company for the winners awarded honorary certificate and county federation of trade unions awarded "county May 1 labor medal" MEDALS, and honorable mention to other competitors.

  The competition strategy to promote the implementation of personnel training, cultivating young station under, cultivating high-tech professional skills and organize the worker skills competition for the first time, horizontal communication between broad worker for the company and learn from each other, to surpass ourselves and to provide the stage. Through jousting communication, make the company to various projects the overall technical quality of the workers had the further understanding, help each project or further interaction between jobs, achieve for the enterprise development to create the good situation of win-win.

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