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The company organization staff on duty to watch the 70th anniversary of the victory parade
Author:hengchang                    Date:2015-09-04
    On September 3, 2015, the victory of the Chinese people and the world's victory against fascism 70 anniversary, company staff on duty to watch commemorating 70 anniversary of the Chinese people's anti-Japanese war and the world anti-fascist war victory parade live.
    When passionate magnificent national anthem, everybody take the initiative to stand up to sing the national anthem, look solemn five-star red flag rising. Together to listen to xi general secretary's important speech, this paper expounds the victory day parade, remember the history, the memory of martyrs, cherish peace and create the future purposes; Emphasize the spirit of the Chinese people's great Anti-Japanese War, hold up the east of the world anti-fascist war battleground huge role; Pointed out that to establish human destiny community consciousness, stick to the path of peaceful development; China's disarmament in 300000 announced decision.
    Majestic military parade, uniform array of troops, advanced weapons shocked appearance, fully demonstrated the great motherland by leaps and bounds of military power and comprehensive national strength, greatly shows the Chinese people against foreign invasion, the maintenance of world peace was the firm confidence and invincible power.

    After the broadcast, every employee cannot hide in the heart of excitement. We have said, as the Chinese grand parade is not only let the strong national pride and pride, make people more passionate about, high spirit, we must establish their positions, for enterprise development, for the sake of national construction, for the prosperity of the motherland and the great revival of the Chinese nation, contribute their strength.

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