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The 24th cereals, oils and grease branch society
Author:hengchang                    Date:2015-09-14

  On September 12, 13th, sponsored by the China cereals, oils and fats chapter of the Association of the "society of China National cereals, oils and fats the 24th annual meeting of the academic exchange and product exhibition" successfully held in Wuhan.
  From the national oil industry, industry, universities and research institutions, relevant enterprise nearly 600 experts, scholars and business representatives attended the annual meeting.
  Conference on "innovation, transformation, development, efficiency" theme, from oil extraction and refining, new processes, new equipment, new technology, oil and development of functional oil, various new source of oil exploitation and comprehensive utilization of byproduct of oils, fats and revision of the standard and oil detection technologies carried out academic exchanges and research.

  China agri-Industries Association of Guifeng Zhang, Chief expert of China agri-Industries Association, society of China National cereals, oils and fats, President Wang ruiyuan, Xiao Buo, Secretary of Wuhan University of light industry, China National cereals, Institute Executive Vice President and Secretary General Hu Chengmiao, Deputy Director of the grain Bureau of Hubei Province Ma Muyan, national grain Bureau of standard quality Center chief engineer Wang l r, society of China National cereals, oils and fats Vice President, Wuhan light industry He Dongping, a professor at the University, attended the annual meeting. Executive Vice President of the society of China National cereals, oils and fats chapter Zuo Ennan presided over the opening ceremony of the General Assembly.

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