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Henan province intellectual property publicity week activities
Author:hengchang                    Date:2012-04-20

By henan province on April 20, 2012 intellectual property strategy work leading group, ipr protection working group in henan province and zhengzhou city people's government jointly held the opening ceremony of the intellectual property publicity week in henan province in 2012 in henan province people's hall plaza. 2007-2011 for the past five years, the advantages of 51 enterprises in gd and 39 advantage area, 85 with well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, 1001 pieces, all kinds of standard 9295 pieces; 58868 patents, including 14763 invention patents, patent licensing, 33998 pieces, including 4507 invention patents, "shuangyou" unit has become the main support of an application for a patent for the province power, become the provincial science and technology innovation and intellectual property protection of the powerhouse. At the opening ceremony, intellectual property office and the bank of China, henan province of henan province signed the "intellectual property pledge financing strategic cooperation agreement". Then, the bank of China, henan province of henan everlast automatic control equipment co., LTD issued patent pledge loan quota for 15 million yuan.

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